I'd like to announce ... myself!

I don’t know why, but due to some reasons, you stumbled upon this page! I’m happy to announce, that this page is going to be my attempt to make the world a better place for you – at least if you are a Microsoft .Net developer and if you – like me – love to learn new things!

“WTF? Yet another blog about programming?”

If that’s what you are thinking right now, then my answer is “Maybe! But hopefully not!”. I will give my best to provide you with high quality information and if it saves you some hours then it served its purpose!

What can you expect from this blog?

I’m a web developer and software architect. The things I like working with are constantly changing, as I really like to dive into new technologies! Currently I’m learning a lot about ASP.Net MVC and all the ALT.Net topics, so these will be the first topics I’m going to write about.

Your English is crap! Stop hurting my eyes!

I’m from Austria and I speak German (with some crazy dialect)! That means, English is not my first language! This blog is a great opportunity for me to get my hands dirty and just improve my English knowledge! Please feel free to write comments and correct me, if you have found some disastrous mistakes.

Stop talking, start writing!

That’s enough said for my first post! Hopefully, I’ve awaken your interest a little bit and you will visit my page again. Expect to reading from me soon!

Thanks for reading,
Christian Weiss